Today I Learned: How to Convert a PPK Key File to OpenSSH Format

August 8, 2018

A coworker uses Putty to generate an SSH public/private keypair. Putty (wonderful little utility that it is) generates those files in a proprietary format / container file which must be unpacked to be usable by OpenSSH. Here's how to do that "unpacking" on Linux or OSX.

My Largest Solo Project

June 28, 2018

Someone asked me recently: "What's the largest project you've ever done?" The answer is easy: My year-long Node.JS capstone I wrote back when I was in school. I not-so-cleverly called it "BoomBox".

Firefox Bug: Flexbox Elements Won't Wrap to Next Page in Print

May 5, 2018

I was recently checking / correcting print styles on a client site, and I ran into this somewhat frustrating issue when printing from Firefox. Certain areas of the page would get cut off at the end of page 1 and never reappear on page 2. Obviously, this is not what users are looking for when they attempt to print a website.