Blog Entries

Trimming TAB Characters in MySQL

Here's how you use MySQL's TRIM() function for non-space characters.

TIL: SSH Key Permissions Must Be Exact!

I just learned that if your private/public key files in ~/.ssh are not properly secured, the SSH service will refuse to acknowledge them.

How To Load Composer Packages from a VCS Repo

Another TIL short tip, this time on composer syntax for loading a custom package (or a non-registered package, or whatever the case may be) from version control.

Today I Learned: How to Convert a PPK Key File to OpenSSH Format

A coworker uses Putty to generate an SSH public/private keypair. Putty (wonderful little utility that it is) generates those files in a proprietary format / container file which must be unpacked to be usable by OpenSSH. Here's how to do that "unpacking" on Linux or OSX.

My Largest Solo Project

Someone asked me recently: "What's the largest project you've ever done?" The answer is easy: My year-long Node.JS capstone I wrote back when I was in school. I not-so-cleverly called it "BoomBox".

Installing a Wildcard SSL with Certbot

Using LetsEncrypt for wildcard SSL certs on my personal blog - yup, right here!

Firefox Bug: Flexbox Elements Won't Wrap to Next Page in Print

I was recently checking / correcting print styles on a client site, and I ran into this somewhat frustrating issue when printing from Firefox. Certain areas of the page would get cut off at the end of page 1 and never reappear on page 2. Obviously, this is not what users are looking for when they attempt to print a website.

Speeding Up CFDirectory in Coldfusion

In which I tangle with a poorly-programmed <cfdirectory> implementation and win.

TL;DR: Don't use <cfdirectory>, it's slow! But if you have to, use listinfo="name" so coldfusion only returns the file names, not other unnecessary attributes.

Beginning a phone call

What's worse - "Hey, uh, I can't acess the server" or "Hello. It's down again!" ? They're both equally bad ways to start a professional phone conversation. Read on!

How I Began Web Dev

The room was dark in the cold morning before everyone was up. Dad was in the cozy cloth swivel chair, while I stood beside him asking question after question about the code I saw in front of me. Dad explained how the code we saw on the screen was not the same code which the computer would execute - to do this, he explained binary language and machine language. I was six years old.

CFML variable names gotcha in cfparam tag

An interesting "bug" with <cfparam> when a variable name contains a dash character

Installing Node.JS on Raspberry Pi A+

How to install Node.JS v6.x on an ARMV6 Raspberry Pi.

Apache Debugging Guide

A short list of things to check when your virtual host hiccups.

Write More Boilerplate

A slight rant on the infatuation with frontend frameworks, and a call for more boilerplate code