Form Processing in CFScript Part One: Validation

July 22, 2019

This series will teach you how to process form submissions using ColdFusion's CFScript syntax. In Part One I'll show you the basics of validating form submissions on the backend!

Storing and Using DateTimeOffsets in Lucee

July 8, 2019

Recently at Impelos I began storing dates using SQL Server’s DateTimeOffset field, which allows us to store a date and time with embedded UTC offset. Unfortunately, I ran into several issues with Lucee’s support for the data type.

This post details what I did to work around the issues and even details how to format the dates to an ISO 8601 JS-safe format.

CFScript Gotchas and Syntax Guides

June 28, 2019

Now, script syntax is *usually* straightforward, but as with any language, sometimes it's easy to get confused over certain things in script syntax. In this post I'll cover a quick list of common "gotchas" in CFScript, document the proper syntax for each, and finally link to a list of CFScript guides which may help you start writing CFScript today.

Switching from Tag to Script

June 26, 2019

Look, I write in CFScript. Most of the CF devs I look up to write in CFScript. But maybe you don’t. Here’s where I convince you CFScript is worth the jump and, for that matter, just how to “jump” to CFScript.