Finding datasource config online has always bugged me, so I built a searchable CFML cheatsheet website at

I've always wanted a nice cheatsheet website for CFML. Something where you could grab an H2 datasource config without having to google or search for it in an old code repo. I thought if you had all datasource configs together in one place, it would be easier for me (and other CFML devs) when building new apps.

I also wanted to highlight script syntax. I know some devs and CF shops still run on tag syntax, and I thought being able to search for queryExecute examples might make that switch easier.

So I built a searchable code snippets site. The idea was to provide CFML examples to beginner and intermediate developers as well as cheatsheets for libraries like ColdBox or LogBox. Someday there may even be a VSCode plugin to search and inject snippets for faster development.

By the way, CFSnippets is not a replacement for cfdocs is awesome as a reference site, and the focus should stay on cfdocs as an engine-agnostic documentation for CFML syntax. CFSnippets is only meant to act as a code example site, not a 100% complete and accurate representation of every function in the language. is still a little dusty. It's not perfect. CFSnippets needs more content, better examples, longer descriptions.

But for now, it works. The polish comes later - I promise.

Check out

Oct 06, 2022