• Computer Information Systems, BS - SUNY Polytechnic Institute - 2016
  • Computer Information Systems, AAS - MVCC - 2014
  • Web Development & Information Design, AAS - MVCC - 2014


I have built large corporate websites, and I have built small mom-and-pop sites. I have overcome email clients (Outlook!) and browsers (IE, sigh), optimized SQL queries and page load, and interfaced with nearly a dozen API's on my jaunt through the web development world. I interned at the Griffiss Air Force Base in summer of 2015. I spent the summer debugging and documenting C++, Java, and Bash programs, as well as learning advanced networking and communications theory from my coworkers. In my seven years as a professional web developer, I have learned how to build emails for Outlook as well as Gmail, I have integrated with numerous APIs (see list below), and coded hundreds of website frontends.

API Integrations

Don't know why, but I am most happy when I'm working with an API. Obviously good ones are better than the bad, but even the ancient XML or CSV API integrations are rewarding once you've gotten them working. Here's a whole posse of things I've integrated with.


I am first and foremost a web developer, and my skillset reflects that. However, I am very familiar with the linux operating system and networking and security concepts, and manage my own linux servers.


  • PHP
  • Apache
  • Bash / command line / bash scripting
  • Git
  • Some Python
  • Some Node.JS
  • Some C/C++
  • Some Oracle / PLSQL


  • Adobe Coldfusion & Lucee
  • Testbox
  • Coldbox
  • Commandbox

Content Management Systems

  • Some Wordpress
  • Bolt CMS
  • Maintained and supported an internal CMS written in Coldfusion


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Leaflet.JS
  • Sass
  • Gulp & Grunt
  • Some Jasmine

Feb 06, 2023